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Katherine’s Musical Projects

Welsh songwriter

Katherine’s Musical Projects

Aside from her work as a wedding musician,Katherine Cole also engages in a number of creative musical projects. As an accomplished harpist, singer, songwriter and pianist, she has many talents to her name, and these talents are always being put to good use!

She is currently in the process of writing a musical based on the Mabinogion. This project will be ongoing for the next few months. Here’s an update from Katherine herself:

I’m currently writing many songs which is really good fun. You can already listen to some of the finished songs – ‘Keep the Flames Alight’ ,‘Paradise of Life’, "Where do I Go from Here", "You Must Learn to Please" and "Was I Born to Love the Rose".

Night Owl Theatre will return to the Glanfa Stage on 16th May at 1.00pm - free entry so please come and support us.

Please revisit the site in the coming months as we will be adding more information and performance dates.

If you would like to find out more about Welsh songwriter and performer Katherine Cole, you can contact her directly using the details on her Contact page.